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Iowa Assessments

  1. About the Iowa Assessments
    1. Form E/F Scope and Sequence
    2. Form E Content and Cognitive Classifications
    3. Archived Training Sessions (Webinars) including Content Overview
    4. Test Descriptions
    5. Score Totals and Composites
    6. Alignment between Iowa Core and Iowa Assessments (Illustrations from Grade 5)
    7. Test Booklets for Score and Report Interpretation (secure login required)
  2. Prior to Testing
    1. Planning and Implementation Guide
    2. Practice Tests (secure login required)
    3. Message to Parents (English and Spanish versions—downloadable for your use)
    4. Accommodations
  3. Interpreting Results
    1. AYP information
    2. Interpreting Item Level Reports
    3. Iowa Assessments Profile Report: College Readiness
    4. Interpreting State of Iowa Performance on the Iowa Assessments
    5. Interpreting National Performance using the Iowa Assessments
    6. Expected Student Growth
    7. Iowa Growth Model
    8. Measuring Growth with the Iowa Assessments
    9. Measuring Growth with the Iowa Assessments (Video)
    10. Report to Students and Parents (English and Spanish versions—downloadable for your use)
    11. Interpreting Reports from the Iowa Assessments
    12. Interpreting Results from the Iowa Assessments
    13. Standard Scores by Grade Level and Test Title
    14. Help with importing the student data CD into Excel (video) helpImage
    15. Help with calculating proficiency totals using the Iowa Assessments data CD (video) helpImage
    16. Measure of Student Growth: The Iowa Assessments (Webinar)
    17. eITP Individual Growth Profile Tutorial
    18. eITP Group Growth Profile Tutorial
  4. Research
    1. Validity Research
    2. ITBS Research Guide
    3. Technical Manual (Form E)
    4. Mapping NAEP Scores to the Iowa Score Scale
    5. Impact of Approaches to Handling Dropout on Value-Added Analysis
    6. Mapping the NAEP Performance Levels onto the Standard Score Scale of the Iowa Assessments