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Iowa Testing Programs (ITP) is a research, development, and outreach unit in the College of Education at the University of Iowa. ITP’s mission is to pursue:
Iowa Assessments Level 9 Form E
  • research that improves the practice of educational measurement
  • design and development of assessments that provide information for a variety of purposes and audiences, for example
    • educators to inform instruction
    • federal, state, and local government to support accountability
    • academic institutions to aid decision-making
  • outreach that delivers assessment results and supports use of assessment information by local, state, national, and international audiences through
    • workshops and professional development opportunities
    • consultation on assessment design, development and use
    • publications on research-based innovations in assessment
    • dissemination of informative online and paper reports

      (Iowa Core Summary Report)


April, 2016

Form F of the Iowa Assessments will be offered again in 2016-17. As the impacts of Every Student Succeeds Act on state testing are determined, ITP remains committed to providing timely, valid, and useful information on student achievement.

April, 2016

Summary information on the Iowa Core is presented in a number of reports. To see which items are associated with each domain, you may order review copies of the Iowa Assessments and use the Form F Item Content and Classification guides under the Form E/F Reference Materials (login required).

March, 2016

ITP is producing the third year of Iowa Core Summary Reports, based on this year’s data. Access your reports on eITP to see updated information regarding :
   1. Comparisons to your AEA and the State
   2. Growth
   3. Proficiency
   4. Performance on the Iowa Core

March, 2016

March 1st marked the beginning of the Spring administration window for the Iowa Assessments. If you have not yet ordered your testing materials, we would ask that you do so soon.

February, 2016

Iowa Norms are available for download. Click here to obtain information on how your students compare to others across the state based on performance in 2014-2015.

January, 2016

ITP's Responses to the Iowa Assessment Task Force (click here).

January, 2016

Iowa Testing Programs responds to Form E alignment study. Click here to learn more.

November, 2015

New study of 168,000 Iowa students shows relationship between STEM interest and academic achievement. Click here to access the report.

This website is designed primarily to inform Iowa educators about the Iowa Statewide Testing Program. For information about using the Iowa Tests in all other states, contact our publisher, Riverside Publishing Company.

Click here to learn more about the Iowa End-of-Course assessment.

Click here for the slides presented in the “Using the Iowa Assessments Interpretation Workshops”.