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Iowa Assessments

    1. Assessment Briefs
      1. Growth Towards Readiness
      2. Alignment
      3. Vertical Scaling and Growth
      4. Progress Measured by Growth
      5. Content Validity for Large-Scale Assessment
      6. Readiness
    2. ITP Research Series
      1. Establishing Empirical Links between High School Assessments and College Outcomes
      2. Item Response Theory Estimation with Multidimensional Field Test Booklets
      3. Validity of the Three Parameter Item Response Theory Model for Field Test Data
      4. Measuring Student Growth in Iowa with the Iowa Assessments
      5. College Readiness with the Iowa Assessments
      6. Iowa Assessments Comparability Study
      7. Measuring Growth with the Iowa Assessments
      8. Fairness Report for the Iowa Assessment
    3. State of Iowa Reports
      1. Iowa Assessments College Readiness Report: 2017
      2. Iowa Assessments College Readiness Report: 2016
      3. Iowa Assessments College Readiness Report: 2015
      4. Iowa Assessments College Readiness Report: 2014
      5. Iowa Assessments College Readiness Report: 2013
    4. Validity Research
      1. The Iowa Growth Model
      2. Establishing Validity Evidence to Assess College Readiness through a Vertical Scale
      3. Impact of End-of-Course Tests on Accountability Decisions in Mathematics and Science
      4. Comparability of Paper and Computer Administrations in Terms of Proficiency Interpretations
      5. K-12 Assessments and College Readiness: Necessary Validity Evidence for Educators, Teachers and Parents
      6. Evaluating College Readiness for English Language Learners and Hispanic and Asian Students
      7. Mapping NAEP Scores to the Iowa Score Scale
      8. Impact of Approaches to Handling Dropout on Value-Added Analysis
      9. STEM Achievement in Middle School
      10. STEM Interest and Achievement on the Iowa Assessments
    5. Technical Documentation
      1. Technical Manual (Form F)
      2. Research Guide (Forms E/F)
      3. Forms E/F and A/B Test and Composite Crosswalk
    6. Presentations
      1. Sound Measure of Student Growth: The Iowa Assessments
      2. Sound Measure of Student Growth: The Iowa Assessments (video)
      3. Vertical Scales and the Assessment of Growth
      4. Mapping the NAEP Performance Levels onto the Standard Score Scale of the Iowa Assessments