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Qualls Early Learning Inventory

Program Description

This inventory for grades pre-K through 1 uses teacher ratings of many of the student characteristics that are important for success in the primary grades. It is designed to supplement the achievement information that can be obtained with the Iowa Assessments primary batteries in kindergarten and first grade. Together, the inventory and the achievement battery can provide a comprehensive picture of the strengths a student brings to the classroom and the areas in most need of improvement for enhancing the student's opportunities for growth.

The Qualls Early Learning Inventory can provide diagnostic information in six areas: general knowledge, oral communication, written language, math concepts, work habits, and attentive behavior. It allows for an assessment of the student's knowledge and typical behavior in everyday classroom academic and social activities. The inventory can be completed by the teacher in 5-10 minutes, including time for making brief, supplemental written comments.

The following scoring services can be ordered for using the results of the inventory:

  • Individual Learning Profile, a report designed to provide information to the parents about the developmental progress of the child with respect to each of the six areas.
  • Class Diagnostic Report, an alphabetical listing of students in the class, designed for the teacher to view detailed information about the developmental level of each student, in each area overall and on each of the behaviors in the six areas for which ratings were supplied.
  • Group Summary of Student Scores, a report for a classroom, building, or district group that shows the percent of the group scoring at each of three developmental levels compared with the national norm group for spring of kindergarten.

Administration and Scoring

The inventory does not need to be administered in conjunction with the ITBS ; no score reports are available at this time that combine information from both instruments. For establishing a baseline of student development at the beginning of the year, ratings should be conducted as soon as teachers have had sufficient opportunity to observe students on the characteristics included in the inventory. For assessing students at the end of the program year, it is important to perform the ratings in time to obtain scoring services and receive reports that might be needed before the school year is completed.