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Other Programs

In addition to the Iowa Assessments, Iowa Testing Programs develops and distributes to Iowa schools tests for certain special programs. For information on these testing programs, click on the links below.

Logramos® is an achievement battery for grades K-12 developed by Riverside Publishing Co. to be compatible in content and process with the skills measured by the Iowa Tests. Thus, performance on Logramos is an indication of the level of student achievement that we might expect of the student if he/she took the Iowa Tests as a native-English speaker.

Qualls Early Learning Inventory - This inventory for grades pre-K through 1 uses teacher ratings of many of the student characteristics that are important for success in the primary grades. The purpose of this program is to offer an efficient assessment of primary students' skills and behaviors that can be used to supplement test score information obtained from the Iowa Assessments achievement battery.

Constructed Response Supplement - This set of materials includes assessment tools that are 30-minute assessments in Reading, Math, and Language for grades 3-12, each requiring students to furnish or construct their responses to the questions asked. The purpose of this program is to offer additional opportunities to assess student achievement in core curricular areas using a different format than is used in the Iowa Assessments achievement batteries.

Iowa Writing Assessment - The Iowa Writing Assessment (IWA) is a set of materials and procedures that permits a school system to conduct its own writing assessment in any of grades 3-12. The purpose of the program is to assess students' abilities to generate, organize, and express their ideas in response to specific writing situations.