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Addressing District Assessment

Needs: Using the Iowa Assessments

Just as every student has different learning needs, each school or district has different needs for its assessment programs. Testing matters, because you deserve to know everything you can about your students.

The Iowa Assessments deliver the data you need to answer critical questions and address specific needs at the local level. The Iowa Assessments provide flexibility to meet various assessment needs, such as:

  • Assessing students in science at all grades  

  • Identifying student strengths and weaknesses in K - 2  

  • Screening students for enrichment and intervention programs  

  • Knowing where to focus efforts in preparation for the new ISASP  

  • Comparing students to the nation using National Percentile Ranks  

  • Maintaining trend lines for long-term planning  

Iowa Testing Programs provides sound, accurate, and actionable information for a variety of purposes and audiences, including:
  • Measuring student achievement at the most appropriate level
  • Monitoring student growth
  • Making relative comparisons
  • Informing decisions about students
  • Predicting future performance

Assessments designed and developed by Iowa Testing Programs are informed by empirical research studies conducted both nationally and in the state of Iowa.


October 2020

Beginning in fall of 2020, Riverside Insights will be responsible for working with schools directly for all aspects of the Iowa Assessments testing program. Riverside will be responsible for the administrative functions previously performed by ITP, such as establishing user accounts, ordering test materials, uploading student barcode label files, ordering score reports, and billing. To get started, please contact Riverside Insights at (800) 323-9540 or email

This website is designed primarily to inform Iowa educators about the Iowa Statewide Testing Program. For information about using the Iowa Tests in all other states, contact our publisher, Riverside Insights.